We have cement!!! Yesterday they poured the concrete and now it’s all starting to feel real. The porch was just a stone outline and now we have an ACTUAL porch and steps. I don’t know why that and the driveway being completed make it feel like we’re almost to the finish line. Whew!

We still haven’t painted it yet (there was a mix up with the developer board approving the color), but that got approved today so we can rock and roll! Now it’s all about corbel size and flowerboxes and those types of details. The color we ended up going with was Wolf Gray from Benjamin Moore with white trim. This is what it will look like (not our actual house plan):

Now that I’m at the end, I’ve really started to think about what furniture I want- and where I want to place it inside. I’ve been on the hunt to find a statement chair for the library. Since it’s a small room, the bookcases on the back wall mean I don’t have a lot of space for seating. I never intended for this room to be a sitting room (more like me and a book), so the final plan will be two huge dog beds in front of the window and one chair. My struggle is that since it’s in the room with the DOGS, I need something that is durable, won’t show dog hair, won’t attract dog hair and super comfortable.

Yeah. I gave up and got this (lol):I just keep going back to the fact that I have a toddler. (And two huge dogs.) Until the norm of life is slightly less chaotic, I’m going to try to get items that can be replaced if something happens to them. I will still attempt to keep Alexander from running amok with juice or unsupervised with makers, but honestly, I want my house to be LIVED in. He’s only little once and mistakes happen. I say all of this, but you know I’m covering all of my furniture in Scotch Guard, haha! 😉

I still haven’t gotten the chance to finalize wallpaper in the powder bath, but I want something fun. Everyone’s is so dark and dreary and I want it fun!! Here’s what the finalists look like:Well, that’s all I’ve got for you this week. The trim guys are working hard on the kitchen vent hood and all of the bookcases and wall detail. We’ve got quite a few weird wall designs and wainscoting, so these guys will be busy for a while! I love them! Such great guys.

Let me know which wallpaper you prefer! Ian wants the spots. I want the dogs. 😉 

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