So, on Wednesday I started to write a post about new things I’m eyeing for the house, but the post got entirely too long and I try not to throw a novel at you. For the sake of brevity, I cut it shorter and opted to use this post to actually show the cool and fun items I’m thinking about using in the new home. Now, full disclosure, there will be a LOT of white, but most of the things I’m picking have other colors available.

Bedding:This bedspread and king shams

These sheets

I SWEAR by Bed Bath and Beyond for sheets, because if anything ever happens to them- rips, faulty hemstitching, etc, the store will swap them out for a new set. No questions. No receipt needed. No hoops to jump through. Yes, they’re pricey, but MAN they’re worth it. Best sheets I’ve ever owned. I’m sure there might be better sheets out there, but with this no-hassle policy, I will never buy sheets anywhere else. And you don’t HAVE to get this specific sheet set. I just love these and can’t say enough about how amazing they are.

(Click the picture to get an icon. Click the icon to go directly to price/details/etc.)

The artwork above is linked here.

Nightstand | Rug 

I almost started on kitchen and bath stuff, but that’s a pretty large post in itself, so that will be coming soon!! Is there anything in your master bedroom or office that you feel is a must-have? My must have is a heating pad next to my bed because of my bad back. LOL!! Nothing makes you feel old like laying on a heating pad.  😉

I’m going to do my Friday Favorites post this weekend so I can round up all of my current favorites!


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