Yesterday I got the chance to do a little gift shopping at Towne East Square for the holidays! Ian came with me and together we tackled our Christmas lists while enjoying a little day-date. Any by day-date, let me just preface by saying NO TODDLER. *The heavens open up and angels sing*

I’ve grown up in Wichita and thus grown up going to Towne East. When I was in high school and summers in between college semesters, I worked in some of the stores inside and I was SO surprised by all of the amazing and recent changes! First of all, have you BEEN to the new Dillards shoe department??? I was distracted by the makeup counters (no surprise) and was drooling over the new Chanel section when I looked up and my jaw dropped. I wish Ian had gotten that on camera because it was shocking. The shoe department is HUGE. Everything is spread out and lit up like a designer boutique. No really, I could have spent hours there, but I love Ian and I try to keep our shopping trips efficient. (Boring, I know. I do my own shopping sans husband so I can aimlessly wander about the shoe section.)

Initially, we stopped by Von Maur first because Ian wanted casual shoes for Christmas and I found two pairs. Side note, if you didn’t see my FB post, Men’s Stan Smith shoes were on sale for under $40. I have NEVER seen that before. Needless to say, I got him those AND a Lacoste pair for the price I thought we were going to pay for one. Also, be proud of me, guys. I went into the beloved shoe sale room and DID NOT BUY ANYTHING. Let me note it was packed to the brim with adorable holiday shoes and staples, but I was on a gift buying mission and didn’t linger. That took willpower! That being said, you need to go. Just trust me.

Back to the ACTUAL gifts- in Dillards I grabbed some Ugg slippers for a present. They’re the undisputed warm boots you see on EVERYONE’S feet in the winter months. The slippers are just as lovely and make a fabulous Christmas gift. On a funny and Star Wars note, I was joking with Ian that a Wampa had to die for these boots: I imagine someone skiing in Aspen would love these après-ski. I, however, opted for one of the simple loafer options. I mention this because before I would have had 10 Ugg options. Now there were like 40. So amazing. (You know I love choices!)

After Dillards, Ian and I hit up the brand new H&M. I am so beyond thrilled that we have a H&M store in town!! They make my FAVORITE stretchy casual blazer of all time (a must for my clients) AND have the best frugal fast fashion finds around! Normally I stop by the H&M in Kansas City, but now I don’t have to!! In addition to having adorable clothes for women (with professional options), they also have a massive men’s and kid’s section. We got both Ian and Alexander winter coats, and I miiiiiight have found a sweater or two for myself. 😉I always stop in Bath & Body Works for small stocking stuffers and other fun gifts. Their Fresh Balsam and the Evergreen candles are my FAVORITES this time of year. They smell like freshly cut Christmas trees and I’m a sucker for that smell around the holidays. Also, it’s a great way to get the Christmas tree scent whilst using a fake Christmas tree. I have found it’s a pretty great “neutral” candle because most people enjoy the smell. (They have cute tiny sizes that I will throw in a stocking or attach with a gift card to for a girlfriend.) We also stopped at Old Navy, Footlocker, and Auntie Anne’s pretzels, because I can’t go to the mall without one. While I was sitting enjoying my pretzel, I happened to see one of the vendors around the food court selling these amazing splat balls (my word, not theirs). Basically, it looks like a fist-size ball of squeezy slime but when she tossed it up and let it fall on the ground it flattened out like slime would… but then it would pull itself back together (literally) into a ball. Yeah, my nephews are going to need those. I got one for Alexander too because I know he would be super jealous.

A very fruitful shopping trip with gifts for many family members and friends and a lovely date for Ian and I! You better believe I’m going back asap to look at all of those shoes in Von Maur and Dillards. If you want to watch my InstaStory from the trip, I’ve included it linked here over on FB! If you haven’t been to Town East Square recently, GO!!! We went during the morning and it was lovely. If anything, go see all the amazing shoes!

*This post is in partnership with Towne East Square. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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