Christmas is so close and guess who hasn’t had time to shop for half of her list? *Raises hand* So, while I am failing at preparing for the holidays, I have been enjoying my holiday season. Here are my favorite ways to Christmas it up:

We baked cookies the other day as a family- which consisted of me doing most of it, but still so fun! I love this simple recipe.

I’m a sucker for a cheesy Christmas movie, so here are my current favorites (most on Netflix):

  • The Holiday (to be honest, I watch it all year round)
  • Christmas in the Smokies
  • 12 Christmas Dates
  • A Christmas Prince (YES, I like it.)
  • A Christmas Kiss

Yes, they have the same basic plotline. Yes, they’re incredibly predictable. Yes, they’re cheesy. I still love them unabashedly. 🙂 I would that I’ve watched almost every Christmas movie on Netflix because I used to sit and pump at night and watch them when Alexander was a baby. (I would probably like everything on Lifetime or Hallmark as well, but we don’t have cable, so Netflix will have to suffice.)

Holiday music makes my heart smile, so I’m usually playing my own Spotify playlist on repeat. I love it!! It’s crazy heavy on the Manheim Steamroller because I was raised on those songs and they bring back memories of my childhood home. My parents did such a wonderful job of making the holiday season lovely around our house (well… my mom did. Let’s be honest- Dad didn’t do much), so I want to recreate that feeling for Alexander.

I burn candles and simmer pots constantly and my favorites this year are the Winter Candy Apple candles and wallflowers from BBW. The simmer pot I make is super simple: 1/2 cut up orange and 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil. I could add more ingredients to give depth to the scent, but honestly, these two are LOVELY and make my house smell divine and Christmasy.

I’ve been wearing Christmas pajamas all the time, and if you haven’t noticed, Target has some CUTE options. (I love a good family pajama set.)

Ok, this isn’t Christmas related, but here’s a little house update. Today they started painting inside!!!! On a fun “Adriele is losing her mind” moment, I went over this morning to approve the wood stain of the banister and stairs (it matches the flooring) and I approved the WRONG COLOR. I sent the color selection to our Realtor Lisa and she said: “didn’t you pick a lighter color the last time we met with the flooring people?” Yes, yes I did, and I totally forgot about that, so I approved a totally different color. Luckily because of her awesomeness, we caught it in time, but I almost had stairs and wood accents in a completely different color than the floor. Whew! This is why we have a Realtor even when building. She has been invaluable and asks questions I either forget or don’t know to ask about in the first place!!!

I would lose my own head if it wasn’t attached, I tell you. Oh, well. In super fun news STAR WARS came out last night!!!!!!! Ian and I are going this afternoon and I am pumped. As in- super duper crazy excited. Ian likes the Star Wars series ok, but I’m the nerd in the family and I’ll totally own that. I’m sure I’ll be geeking out in my InstaStories today. 🙂 Oh, my prediction is that Rey is somehow connected/related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. We’ll see. Also, since it’s the middle film of the trilogy, something horrible is bound to happen, so there’s that. I’ll keep you updated with no spoilers on Instagram. See you Monday, friends!

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