Happy “last week before Christmas!” In case you need some last minute shopping ideas, I have a few you can buy locally, a few you can still order (Amazon Prime for the win!), and a few you can make! But first, the outfit!When I found this dress, I was sold. It’s comfortable (not too heavy or lightweight), it is tailored just enough to fit well but not be too tight, and the silhouette is lovely! I paired it with some slouchy knee-high suede boots because I’m obsessed with these and have been for a year (you’ve seen them here, here, here… lol). My handbag is still my staple that I’ve been carrying for over a year as well. I always talk about finding staples for your closet because you really do get a lot of wear out of them when you purchase quality items the first time. Both the boots and the bag are used a lot and I love that I have them in my closet! I found some similar boots for only $60!

Now on to the last minute gift ideas!

Things You Can Buy Locally

One of my favorite gifts to give someone is a cozy throw blanket. You can find them at every home goods store from Target to Pottery Barn and everywhere in between! They can be plush and light or wool and dark. Solid, plaid… well, you get the idea. Just think about their home and design and get something that matches. (Include a gift receipt just in case.)

An “experience” gift is always fun! We have a local glass blower that offers classes. Or perhaps cooking lessons? Tickets to a sporting event or concert are also lovely gifts. These are incredibly thoughtful, but typically not inexpensive- so make sure there’s a return policy in case they don’t love it. (Just in case!!!)

Things You Can Still Order

Amazon 2-day shipping is brilliant, and if you’re a Prime member, I would highly suggest that! Unless what you want is from a specific brand with a storefront (think J. Crew, Target, etc.) you can probably order it on Amazon. I get ALL our toys/books from Amazon. The reviews are super helpful and the return policy is amazing. Additionally, they get stuff in the mail SUPER fast whereas other stores tend to have a day or two (or three, eek!) of processing. Regardless, I would GET ON IT TODAY. Other online retailers will give you a cutoff to make sure you get it by Christmas so check those dates before you order.

If you want to pay for rush shipping, I would suggest Harry and David for their beautiful and tasty food baskets. They are a lovely online gift basket company and their pears are my favorite thing ever.

Gift Cards seem like phoning it in and a lazy gift, but SERIOUSLY. I love a gift card. Who doesn’t love to shop when they don’t have to pay for it? Does she love makeup? Sephora and Ulta. Loves to garden? Lowes or Home Depot. New baby? Target or Buy Buy Baby. If you aren’t sure you can always go with the standby of a local mall. Gift cards there can be used for food or to purchase clothing or gifts. Heck, Ian and I love movie theater gift cards because we know we’ll use them. (My parents also love this gift!) BONUS- they can (mostly) be purchased online.

Things You Can Make

Now we all know I’m not crafty, but here are a few ideas that even I could manage to not screw up.

Scented bath salts. This simple tutorial has a few ingredients and everything can be purchased at your grocery store. Yes, you can get the essential oils elsewhere, but really- if you’re in a time crunch, you could do this the night before if you had to.

Hot chocolate in a jar is another favorite of mine. You can throw it all in a mason jar if you want to, but if you’re feeling crafty and can still order from Amazon you can use these cute tubes and package them all together!

You could make this adorable DIY spa kit with 3 different jars of peppermint goodness! If the person doesn’t like peppermint you could do lemon, lavender, orange, etc.

If all else fails, go to Pinterest and search “DIY Christmas gifts” and you’ll find an awesome selection of ideas! I hope these have helped you this week prepare for next Monday!! Now if you need me, I’ll be wrapping presents! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!

This is our last link up of 2017! Can we take a second to talk about how cute Michelle’s coat is? Also, no surprise, I want Ana Luiza’s shoes. (I basically always do, haha.) We wanted to thank everyone for linking up with us this year and can’t wait to see you all and your awesome looks in 2018. Two of our favorites from last week were Emelia from The Em Alexander and Alison from Carefree & Coffee!

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