I love New Year’s Eve for one fact only- I get to wear the most metallic and fun dress I can find and it’s TOTALLY socially acceptable. I say that, but now that we have a little dude- going out for NYE is not high on our “let’s get a babysitter for this” list. Not to mention that I’m trying to go to bed earlier so I don’t have my #MomHatesLife face on until 10am, because coffee helps, BUT NOT THAT MUCH. LOL.

If we take a nostalgic look over the past few years, I’ve noticed a trend. I like sequins and I like sleeves. Also another key takeaway- look at my hair!!!! It was so long. (Whyyyyy did I cut it?? Oh, right. Migraines. Although I still get them, so the long hair is coming back.)

This doesn’t stop me from ooooooh’ing and ahhhhhh’ing over aforementioned fun dresses for everyone ELSE going out. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up my favorites in 3 price ranges to help you shop easier. Quick, most of these are in stores or offer 2-day shipping so you can get them in time!

From $100-$150

From $50-$100

There are a few options over $100, but those have a discount coupon to lower the price range below $100.


 Under $50

If a dress isn’t an option, add a bit of sparkle to your look with accessories. Jewels on your shoes, handbags, or the even the right jewelry items will make any look New Year’s ready!!!

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