In honor of the last Friday Favorites, I thought I would round up my favorite “things” of 2017.

I know I’m super late to the Bombas bandwagon, but I tried their no-show socks and I have NEVER had socks that fit this well. I have tiny feet (size 6) and every pair of adult socks I’ve ever had are ginormous. Bombas come in 3 sizes and legitimately fit my feet. In addition to that, every pair of socks I purchase donates a pair to a homeless shelter. They have a code FALL20 that gives you 20% off your order. (I’ve used it 2x and it still works!)

I started using R+F Lash Boost in April and I’m still blown away by how awesome it is. I use mine every third day to make the tube last longer- because it’s not cheap. If you want a great temporary alternative these false lashes are my FAVORITE and they’re super affordable!

I’ve been talking about how much I love my Rothy’s, and I still LOVE them. (Read my review post here.) Although, I prefer the original pointed version to the loafers.

This drugstore lip balm/stain is my favorite and I end up wearing it almost every day! If I need a bit more moisture I’ll add this lip balm or this lip oil.

Did you know wearing sunscreen every day reduces red marks and scarring?? I had no idea. I’ve been wearing this oil-free SPF 60 version (drugstore!) daily and love it because it’s a “dry touch” liquid, so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin. I’m legitimately noticing a reduction in redness. And it doubles as a primer, so win-win!!!

This eyes and cheeks palette from Tarte is my daily favorite!! More often than not, I’ll grab this to add a bit of color to my face. Tutorial of this (complete with a giveaway) coming soon!

I get asked almost daily what blush I’m wearing and it’s been this blush for 2 months straight. I’m so in love.

I wanted to do a house favorites post, but I’ll save that for what everything is in the new house NEXT MONTH! (Eeeeeeeek!!) I’m sure I will remember a few more favorites after I post this, so I may add on as my mom brain recalls things I forgot. I know 2017 was a rough year for many of you, so I hope 2018 is better!!!!!

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