Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve! Ian and I stayed home and played Yahtzee. No, really. Haha, we had a lot of fun and I got to clean the house a bit- which always helps my mind feel less cluttered. All in all, a very productive NYE. Yesterday we slept in a bit, watched the Rose Parade (which Alexander LOVED) and Ian and I had a great Last Jedi movie date.

We’re very low key these days because I’m leaving for Atlanta for 5 days in a few weeks for Apparel Market and after I get back, we move. So, I get to pack up the entire rental house before I leave, and then hope nothing falls through with the house while I’m away. I have all of the stress right now.

I don’t have any specific resolutions this year like I did last year, but I HAVE found a ton of helpful apps/sources to help me with a few resolution areas.


In lieu of joining a gym, Aaptiv (an app) delivers you new in-home workouts each week designed for the busy woman in mind. I LOVE it. I can pick the duration, type of workout, and even the trainer you prefer. It’s easy, cheaper than joining a gym, and great if you want something to do at home.

UPDATE: They just reached out to me and gave me a code for 20% a membership if you want it! Use: NEWYEAR20 (Not an affiliate link.)


I have been wanting to be more consistent with my daily readings but have found that if I don’t have a plan run by someone else, I tend to slack off. Enter the First5 app. It’s run by Proverbs 31 Ministries and it literally is a 5 min reading and discussion of a section of the Bible every day. Right now they just started 1&2 Kings and I love how they break it down and explain everything from a scriptural and historical perspective.

Mom Stress

Ha! I know, I wish there was a magic fix for this, but honestly, I adore Emily Ley and everything she does. Her Simplified Planner is my go-to for keeping my mom life organized, and her books are a wealth of practical wisdom on how to balance life as a mom. We ALL go through this stress and her books rock. The first is Grace Not Perfection, and she talks about how to separate yourself from unrealistic Pinterest/Social Media standards and be less stressed and more fulfilled in your own life so you can live a happier life filled with joy.

The second book that was JUST released is called A Simplified Life– Tactical Tools for Intentional Living. Real life tools to help you balance the crazy. I love this. Why? SIMPLE tools. None of this complicated 10 step nonsense, just easy and uncomplicated ideas to help you get through the day. I just keep thinking “YES!!! She’s reading my mind!!’


The Weight Watchers Online/App. Now, hear me out before you think I’m crazy. The app tells you how many “points” you get in a day and lets you enter every food known to MAN into the counter to see where you’re at for the day/week. It’s wonderful even if you’re not trying to lose weight, but eat healthier. I used it last year when I was eating poorly and this was an easy way to track the types of food I was eating. Additionally, my blogger buddy in OKC- Rachel Shingleton has had AMAZING results with it. She opted to go to meetings and highly recommends them.

I have used all of the above and for me personally, these really do help me stay on track. I may be on social media a bit less this month because of the craziness, but my normal posting schedule will resume Friday with some fun partnerships and giveaways coming at ya!

Happy New Years!! (A day late.) 😉

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