This is legitimately the coldest it has been here in Kansas for YEARS. I find myself constantly reaching for my warmest coats whenever I leave the house, and rotate between three different options depending on what I’m wearing.

This coat is by far the snuggliest. It’s on sale for 60% off, and is under $100 which is fantastic. I like the color (it goes with everything casual I own), and it’s just so incredibly soft- I feel like I’m wearing a cloud!

I also adore that there are waist cinchers inside (technically called a drawstring waist) that help me not feel like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man when I’ve got a ton of layers on. 😉 Now, this isn’t a ski parka or a down coat, so if it’s below 40 and you’re going to be outside for long periods of time, get a coat designed for that! I use my black long down jacket when it’s too cold mess with anything but function. I got it at an outlet, but here is the basically the same one on sale for under $100! Here’s the same thing from The North Face if you prefer that brand. If you want the sale version, it’s under $140 here.

When it’s snowy I prefer to wear my Sorel boots, but wanted a shorter version to run around and “mom” comfortably. These boots from Sperry (on sale) are warm enough to keep my feet toasty but still waterproof, so I can wear them this spring too! I’ve always wanted a “duck boot” and these fit the bill! (Get it? Duck… bill? *Groans* I know, Ian’s dad humor is rubbing off on me. I apologize.)


It’s the FIRST link up of 2018!!!!

Thank you to all of the ladies for linking up last month with our last linkup of 2017! Our favorites were A Blonde’s Moment, Katherine Eldridge, and Shelbee.

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