Since I’ve been traveling a lot over the past 9 days, I thought I would share some of my travel favorites that help me not hate life as much in cars, trains, and airplanes! (I have been in all three in the past week…) Currently, I am in Atlanta at America’s Mart showrooms. Basically, I get to see everything before it hits stores and I am BEYOND excited! Here are the MVP’s of the trip:

For my feet, I always wear either flats or running shoes that I can slip off at security. My go-to flats are these Rothy’s or these Nike running shoes I’ve been wearing while I’ve been walking 10.5 miles a day (only a slight exaggeration).

Comfortable jeans are a MUST and I break my no-leggings rule with these leggings because they are basically stretchy jeans. (It also doesn’t hurt that they’re only $32.) I have them in grey and black and wear them a LOT.

I freeze on airplanes and always have a cozy cardigan or long blanket scarf with me to help me battle the chilly mid-flight cabin temps. I like a cardigan better than a pull-over because it ties around my waist if I’m short on baggage space or can be draped over my legs if they start to freeze. A regular sweater doesn’t cover enough space. 😉

This bag is my number one favorite to travel with because I can fit a LOT in it and it’s waterproof. It has saved my DSLR in the rain NUMEROUS times.

My blogging buddy Hitha over at Hitha On The Go is my packing and travel guru, so it’s no surprise I asked for her suitcase recommendation before I got a new one. I ended up with the Away large carry-on. I’m only gone until Monday (left Kansas last night), so I vowed to end my overpacking streak and take all of Hitha’s suggestions. She, of course, was right. It has a built-in charger, it’s super light and insanely durable. See her full review here. Get $20 off your luggage here.

Hitha also made me aware shoe bags are a MUST. They keep the grossness that lives on your shoes away from the rest of your suitcase belongings. I got this 4 pack for $11 and also got a set of packing cubes– which I HIGHLY recommend.

I can’t travel without hand sanitizer and when OLIKA sent me a Birdie a few months ago I was hooked. It looks like a cute bird and not only kills germs but has a handy compartment for wipes for jobs that require a bit of scrubbing.

Hotel floors creep me out, so I always travel with slippers. These are machine washable (!!!) so I just toss them in one of my shoe bags and throw them in the wash when I get home!

Lastly, earplugs. I cannot sleep somewhere new without earplugs to block out all of the weird and unfamiliar noises. I get these from Target or Amazon and they last forever. They’re not super stiff, so they won’t hurt your ears. If you want even smaller ones, this pink version is made for smaller ear canals and are the best way to try out a foam earplug.

I know it’s a long list, but all of these things keep me sane while traveling. Well, that and 5 lbs of snacks. (I am only slightly joking.)


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