Ladies, this is a momentous occasion. I am wearing leggings. In public. YES. In my defense I have on this super cute tunic sweater that totally covers my bum, so we’re ok. But I ADORE this outfit plan on wearing this on the plane ride back today! So don’t be surprised if I’m rocking this on IG stories.

I love layers, and this look has all of them. I start out with a basic tunic sweater and these Spanx leggingsYou could always stop here. Throw on a cute pair of flats, running shoes, or ankle boots and head out.

I added these three things over that look to add some necessary warmth: the vest, long knit scarf, and this coat.

The mittens and the hat were just necessary because of the temps the day we shot this.

I absolutely love how cozy this outfit is! It’s cute, but the many layers allow me to customize how warm I need to be. (Which means ALL. The. Layers.)


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