Happy Friday, friends! It feels so lovely to have a minute to take a beat and relax a bit before the craziness of moving takes over! A quick update: Atlanta market was AMAZING and the picture above was from one of my favorite showrooms. I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful/slightly overwhelming market was!  I got so many design ideas, saw apparel and accessory trends, and ordered a LOT of Christmas decorations for the new house. (Hello, wholesale prices. YES.) I already warned Ian that since I didn’t decorate in the rental, next year would be epic. I wasn’t kidding.

The house will officially be “completed” on Wednesday and we’re having the insurance walkthrough on Thursday to give a final touch up checklist before closing the following Tuesday! We’re soooo close!! We go nightly to see all of the fun finishing touches added on. Yesterday we walked in to see installed toilets which was fantastic. Lol, we live in a world where new toilets are exciting.

I promise I’ll have house pics and links to products on the blog so you can see what we did and replicate if you want to. I LOVE looking at other blogs for style ideas and appreciate links to actually shop the same thing, so I’ll try to link everything possible.

On to the favorites! I haven’t seen The Greatest Showman yet (no time, ugh), but I am OBSESSED with the soundtrack after my photographer friend Kelcy talked about it on social media. The girl was right, and I have been rocking out to it for the past few days. I’m super obsessive about music and I LOVE this soundtrack. No wonder it’s #1 on Billboard’s charts. Alexander and I have had many dance parties since I’ve been back. (I also love Hugh Jackman because he’s such a lovely human- and have for years. My sister calls him “Huge Actor Man.” Lol.)

My skin is normally insanely dry in the winter and I’ve been using this moisturizer day and night with zero dry skin. I’ve never had that happen before. Ever. I’m always fighting the balance of moisturizing my skin (dry in the morning and oily by midday) and this is a wonder product. I also love that it comes in two sizes, so you don’t have to invest in the bigger size if it isn’t for you.

I’ve been battling kidney issues again as of late, so I’ve been alternating lemon water with this lemonade recipe. Lemons and water help in addition to alllll of the other things I do to fight those tiny (but painful) kidney stones. It helps me stay hydrated and it’s tasty! Also, there is something about lemonade that makes me cheery, so that’s an added bonus!

This lipstick is BEAUTIFUL. I love it and get tons of compliments every time I wear it!

I got a LOT of leggings for a shoot I was styling and if you don’t particularly want to spend the money on Lululemon/Athleta/Nike I found a pretty great substitute. Love the color and style options for these leggings! Granted, good fabric can’t really be mimicked, but these are a wonderful option if those other choices aren’t in your price range or just don’t want to pay that much. They’re under $20!

My last favorite is the new light over our stairway. This is tied for my favorite thing in the house with my massive bookshelves downstairs. I literally squealed when I saw it. 

If you want more random daily shenenigans (my favorite word), check out my Instagram Stories. You get a bit more of the day to day updates and favorite products sooner.


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