This week I was thinking about my trip to Atlanta and realized I hadn’t shared my favorite products we found at market!! I have since purchased all products involved because I loved them so much.

I am always on the hunt for a good jewelry cleaner and I found the COOLEST products. Enter the Baublerella Bling Brush and the Glitzy Glove.The Bling Brush is the insanely brilliant idea to combine a natural cleaner inside of a pen so that you have a simple and easy way to clean your jewelry. The brush really gets into the nooks and crannies of your jewelry and is safe for both precious stones and costume jewelry. The Glitzy Glove is used for your precious metals and it cleaned my necklaces so quickly! Both are cute and functional and take up minimal space. Buy online here, buy locally here.

My hair is a beast, a literal pain, and generally the enemy of hair ties. At market, I met one of the creators of the Teleties, Lindsay. (She’s ADORABLE.) After talking with her, she gave me Teletie (in the color Java Bean) and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. I sleep in it (it doesn’t wrinkle your hair), I’ve run around (actual running involved), and it has either been in my hair or on my wrist 98% of the time since I’ve returned from Atlanta. It doesn’t hurt my head the way normal ponytails do, it holds a bun properly in place, AND when it stretches out- you just put it into hot water or use a blow dryer and it shrinks back to the original size in seconds. I toss it into a bit of hot water in the sink while I wash my face every night and 5 seconds later- boom. Back to normal. WORTH. THE. MONEY. They also come in small or large (I use large, obviously,) so you can use the smaller ones if you have less hair than me and my lion mane. Side note: I also was handed the generic version of these and although they look the same and are cheaper- didn’t work the same at all. I tested them. Also, Teleties gives a lot of money to charity and I’m a huge fan of giving back via shopping.

Some of the other cute stuff I found isn’t available yet, so I’ll share those as they become available! In other favorites news: I got the cutest pineapple pen cup for my desk in my beauty room/office. I already have some pretty fabulous pens in it and cannot WAIT to see it next week in the new house.

These grey joggers from Target are comfortable and under $20! (I’ve worn them nonstop since I picked them up last week.) I got them in a medium because I didn’t want them tight, but my usual size small would have worked. They have sizes XS-XXL which always makes me happy to see extended sizes. Trust me and try them. (Side note, they make them in kids too, so Alexander has a matching pair. Expect some pictures of mommy/son matching.)

T-Minus 4 days until we move!! So. Excited. I’m actually more pumped to be settled down again because having everything in limbo the past 6 months while living in the rental has been STRESSFUL. I’ll write a post about our experience and any tips we’ve gleaned along the way while building a house.

This weekend I’m attending a Brush Lettering Watercolor workshop at Love of Character on Saturday and I can’t wait! After that, I’m coming back and packing up my beauty room. Ian didn’t believe I could do it in under 2 hours and bet me a nice dinner if I made it happen. Internet, he has won ZERO bets in the course of the almost decade we’ve been together. Also, next week marks our 10 years being together. How fun!! It will be so nice to celebrate my packing domination over a lovely dinner date that will involve seafood. (Let me note that I’ve moved THIRTEEN times as an adult. He seriously underestimates my packing prowess.) He really should learn not to bet. He loses every time.

On Monday I’m sharing some favorite outfits under $100, so I’ll see you then! Have a great weekend!


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