I’ve had so many requests for outfit ideas under $100, I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to it! I tried to source each look from a different store, so if one brand fits you better, you can choose what you’re the most comfortable with.

My disclaimer is that my shoes aren’t included in the price because I don’t think you should skimp on shoe comfort and quality. Additionally, everyone should own a pair of black flats, so hopefully, you have a pair already in your closet. 

The first look is all from Target. I paired a simple long sleeve white t-shirt with black jeggings and this cute (maternity) wrap cardigan. No, I’m not pregnant. It’s just cute and capes are large regardless, so it doesn’t really matter. Hindsight, I should have had my hair down, but real life- Kansas was CRAZY WINDY when we shot these pictures and a bun was necessary. (It’s secured up with a Teletie and I’m still obsessed with them.) The bag I’m also carrying is only $32 and you can get it here.

Shop the look here:

Total for the entire look is under $70 and all items can be remixed and worn with everything else in your wardrobe!

Top | Jacket | Jeans

I love the look above! It can be worn with flats or sneakers so it’s super versatile! Total for the entire look is $85.

Tunic | Leggings | Necklace

I love this look from J.Crew Factory because it’s easy, comfortable and the necklace adds some serious style to the look!

If you like the idea of more under $100 posts, let me know in the comments! I’d love to more if you want to see them!


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