We moved into the new house yesterday!!! I am beyond giddy right now and have been putting things away and decorating! James Avery was kind enough to send me a necklace to commemorate this new chapter in our lives and I absolutely love it. 

You might have noticed it with my outfit on my post on Monday

2018 is already a year to remember, but now every time I will look at this necklace, I’ll have such sweet memories of moving into this house we were able to build. In the middle of this season of life that seems a bit hectic, it’s a small and lovely remember of how we started out 2018 with this new journey.

James Avery seems to always be center in the bigger moments of my life and I love that I’ve had this jewelry since I was in my early teens. Each piece of jewelry isn’t just an outfit accessory- it’s a time capsule to a memory in my life. Ian and I were over at my parents the other night and he was looking at my senior pictures from high school. He peered at a picture, looked up at me and I said, “Haha, yes, that’s my James Avery Cross ring. I told you I’ve had it forever!”


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