House organization is key to my mental clarity, so this week I thought I’d share some of my favorite organizational tools to keep my house contained.

These clear storage containers reside in my pantry and not only look pretty, but they let me see how much of an item I have left. No more sending Ian to the store at night because I’m baking and I thought I had flour.

Ikea has been a lifesaver when it comes to frugal organizational options and I added these wood crates to my pantry for the bigger items. I just put a bit of felt on the bottom corners to keep it from scratching the wood, and voila! Perfect storage solution.

I never knew how much I needed to organize my drawers, but these little cubes fit perfectly into my dresser and keep my socks, underwear, bras, etc, separate! Now I know exactly where everything is in my bigger drawers and I am no longer searching for something as I’m trying to race out the door.

This bin storage and cubes are a lifesaver in our playroom. These were in the model of our home, and I had to track them down. We use one for wood blocks, one for kitchen supplies, one for small trucks, etc and so on. It allows Alexander the ability to pull out a bin and play, but our rule is one bin at a time. That way we don’t have 50 billion toys on the floor when it’s time to clean up. He’s learning to clean as he goes – which is honestly the ONLY way I can keep the house clean as an adult. I have to pick up as I go- otherwise, a full cluttered room just stresses me out and I can’t pick an area to begin. It also teaches him to be mindful of cleaning a room before he leaves so Ian and I don’t have to do it after he goes to bed. (We’ve been doing this since he was one, and he just does it now without us asking.)

I’m looking at getting this rechargeable vacuum for the house, but in the meantime, this $50 option keeps my hard surface floors clean. I just plug it in over in the pantry and vacuum up the dirt and dog hair. Alexander is also super obsessed with it, so he’ll vacuum for me. Albeit not well, but he’s happy, so I let him use it until it dies and then recharge it and finish after he’s in bed. We had one at the old house and it lasted years before that little battery couldn’t recharge for longer than 5 min.

Our spice cupboard was chaotic, but these little spice shelves from Amazon were perfect!

I love these clear soda can holders in your fridge or pantry! I have 4 and use them all. Totally worth it.

My friend Rachel over at Pencil Shavings Studio just recently wrote this blog post about organization and I loved it. It was super helpful and I loved her tips. (She’s the one that has the adorable cabin at Carlton Landing, Oklahoma, that we’ve stayed at. Her taste in design is impeccable. Also, she’s great!)

Pictures of the house coming next week!! Which room are you the most excited to see? I’ll do that one first! (Although let’s be real, the entire decorating/design is still a work in progress as we unpack all of the boxes that were in the storage unit.)

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