This week has been a lovely mix of accomplishing things and accomplishing nothing due to snow days, haha! I also wouldn’t change it for the world (see my post from Wednesday). I’m currently trying to style my small library and struggling for the vibe I want. Do I want a mixture of everything like the picture above, or do I want it rainbow hue organized like the picture below?

I’m not about living that stressful Pinterest life, so I think I’ll just organize books into categories. Although the colors look beautiful… I have a toddler. Also, I don’t have that much time. Lol!

I’ve had a few new favorites this week!

I discovered this makeup primer with salicylic acid in it and now refuse to wear anything else. So. Obsessed. If you want to try the smaller tube that’s only $16, you can purchase that here.

I mentioned in my IG stories that I’m getting organizationally obsessed. Take my kitchen for instance. I got these super simple dividers to change my ridiculous baking sheet, cupcake tin, etc, cupboard into a super organized space. Easy and only $11.

I discovered these super inexpensive expanding shelves and now have them under every sink in my house. (They’re $7.50 each.)  I thought organizing everything would be more expensive, and while it can be, it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be. I’ll have more posts where I share all of my organizational finds, but trying to sprinkle a few here and there.

My feet are ALWAYS cold. I discovered these plush microwavable boots at market and bought them immediately. Every night before I head upstairs to go to bed, I throw them in the microwave for 90 seconds and my feet are toasty for hours. The only caution is that they aren’t made to be worn while walking around and they’ll get dirty on the bottoms super quickly if you do- so I carry mine upstairs and slip them on before I sit in a chair or get in bed. They’re AMAZING.

Sky Organics has been kind enough to send me one of their Bubble Boxes each month containing 4 bath bombs. I LOVE THEM!!! They’re organic, smell lovely, and are all handmade. Unlike Lush, these aren’t super expensive and at $5 and under, you can treat yourself without worrying about soaking in weird and unhealthy chemicals. If you watch my IG stories and you see me using a bath bomb- it’s from them. They also have “build your own” bath bomb boxes where you choose your fragrances. Love this brand.

I’ve recently been trying eye creams and I have two favorites: the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream and StriVectin Multi-Action R&R Eye Cream. The Banana Bright Eye I put on in the mornings- it offsets the purple of undereye circles with its yellow hue and moisturizes all day long so your peepers will look more awake! The R&R cream should just be called the Kitchen Sink cream because this sucker firms, tones, brightens in one step. It’s an investment, but honestly, it does the work of 4 other creams in one. The tissue around your eyes is SUPER sensitive and delicate, so treat it with care!

This weekend we’re going to unpack (yep, still unpacking) and try to feel better. These lingering colds are the worst! Have a great weekend friends! Pictures of my kitchen will be up on the blog Monday!

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