I’m so excited to finally share some of our new home with you! I’ve been promising pictures for weeks, and here are the first shots! The kitchen isn’t quite done in the decorating area yet, but I’ll get there soon. (Hopefully.)

We went with an all-white theme because I really wanted to let decorations (whenever that finally happens) be the focus. Additionally, I LOVE the cheeriness of all white. It’s quite coastal and apparently very Scandinavian as well. My friend Jannie pointed that out- and she would know because she’s from there. 😉

So here is what the kitchen of the floor plan we loved:

I only changed a few things. I made the island 8 inches wider and added the posts underneath. We changed the cabinet style of the doors and replaced the standard doors with glass on either side of the vent hood. The light fixtures and cabinet pulls were swapped out and I added a farm sink. 

The other kitchen was a more of a modern feel, and I wanted a classic and timeless feel. I initially wanted to paint the island a different color, but Ian was adamantly against it. He had full veto power while I was designing this house, so I obviously gave in. 😉

One of my “must haves” for the new house was a gas range. We had it in our last home and I LOVED it, so we made sure to swap it out. Ranges and cooktops can get super expensive quickly, so I dropped the double oven off my wish list and chose this slide in range. It’s lovely and works perfectly. 

I’m going to add some shelves on the open wall and decorate a bit and we’ll see how it looks. When I post my pantry post, I’ll combine the kitchen with the pantry details so you can see where I got everything. In the meantime, I’ll show you how Alexander reacted to being in pictures (Jacque can always get the best faces out of him while she’s shooting):

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Now on to this outfit. My blazer is a SWEATER. Yes. Welcome to the one new item you need in your closet for spring. They’re currently having a “buy one, get one free” sweater sale, so do yourself a favor and pick this up in two colors. I’d suggest grey and navy because well… you know me.

These jeans are under $50 (on super sale) and this t-shirt is adorable. Stripes, who’s surprised? My favorite sneakers got thrown into the mix, but you could add flats or heels if you wanted to dress the look up.

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week! Our favorites were (my awesome friend) Ashley and Cheryl. Thanks for linking up ladies!!!

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