When we decided to build a home, this first thing I did was contact my friend Lisa about helping us with the process. I know that people think about using a Realtor when buying or selling a home- but not necessarily building. Even Ian was skeptical of the necessity, but now he completely understands why I went in that direction. (This actually was the only time I had to put my foot down with Ian during the build. Using Lisa was non-negotiable for me.)

People. Building a house is HARD. More often than not, decisions slip through the cracks. Lisa attended every builder meeting and walk-through with me. She helped me make decisions when I was going back and forth between two options, AND she knew the 80,000 random questions that I didn’t think (but needed) to ask.

During the process, she would take notes and track everything for me. So when we would be conversing with the builder about a part of the process, Lisa would have a checklist of EVERY item we’d ever discussed to hold the builder accountable so nothing slipped through the cracks. Nothing was left out- and when you’re dealing with 5+ design team in the office and 20+ subcontractors, this was extremely important.

Lisa also reminded me to ask about several things we hadn’t considered- and I came to the meetings prepared – but she always knew what else to ask. She was my constant go-between the builder and myself to make sure everything happened in a timely and efficient manner. Several times throughout the process Ian would comment about how awesome and on top of things she was and I would give him my (super mature) “I told you so” face. Lol.

Legitimately, if you’re building a house, USE A REALTOR. If you live in Wichita, use Lisa. She’s the best and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Additionally, she kindly gifted us with a “before and after” photoshoot of our build with my photographer Jacque, which was the most lovely and appropriate present ever. (I love these front porch before/after photos.)

Think about it as a concierge building expert. You go to a doctor when you have health questions. You use a lawyer for legal advice. A Realtor is the real estate version of that, and trust me when you’re investing as much money into a house- you need an expert.

Also, Lisa is lovely and I adore her. 🙂 Her website is here if you want to check it out!

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