Happy Friday! It’s supposed to be GORGEOUS today and I’m so incredibly excited for great weather. I’ve been itching to sit on our back deck and work on my laptop during Alexander’s naps and it looks like today is the day!

I asked on my IG Stories what y’all would prefer seeing and overwhelmingly everyone said more style and beauty! I know my posts have been a bit house heavy as of late, so I’ll try to keep the home stuff to a minimum and get back on track with the style and beauty. I’ll still share room posts with details, BUT will do one post with allllllll the details instead of multiples. That also makes it easier when people do a search for product info.

On to the beauty and style favorites!

My hair has been a BEAST to keep curled lately, so I asked my super talented hairstylist cousin what she recommended and then tested everything. SUCCESS!!

Here are the winners for:

Curl holding product (not hairspray)

Dry shampoo (If you want a drugstore option, Dove Dry Shampoo is still the best bet for the price.)

Volumizing powder. My Living Proof Dry Volume Blast is still the best hair refresh product overall. Use the powder sparingly. Like a TINY BIT.

Since it’s Shopbop sale time, I thought I would share my favorites under $100 below! You can click the item in the picture to go directly to it or use the link below.

Flip Flops | T-Shirt | Tank | Striped Tee | Straw Clutch | Note Pads

 Ring | Mini Microphone | Sweater Dress | Black Swimsuit

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