If you’re new to the blog, you may have heard me mention my husband Ian a time or two. If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably feel like you know him. Hilarious fact- while I have ALL of the social media, he has none. Nada. Zip. He’s basically a ghost on the internet except for times when I plaster him all over it. Today is one of those days. 😉

Ian is the yin to my yang, the salt to my pepper, and the calmer of my crazy. So, as a fun tribute to how much he puts up with my shenanigans, I thought I’d do a post about HIM. (If you’re here for the fashion- check out my blog post from yesterday with my favorite new arrivals at Nordstrom. All under $200, many under $100!)

I was going to do a cute Q&A with him, but in typical Ian style, he’s “meh” about all of the questions. Welcome to the world of Ian. Although he let me take a picture of him in this outfit, so I should just count this post as a win. 😉

In lieu of my normal outfit pick, he’s standing in my place in the link up this week! Thank you to all the ladies that linked up with us last week! Our two favorites are Candra and Alina from our sweater link up!  

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