Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s day!! I adore this holiday because I’m Irish and I LOVE wearing green!! (My Irish lineage is actually from the MacCarthy side from my Mom.) I desperately want to go over and really embrace my awesome Irishness someday, but until then, I’ll just watch Irish history documentaries on Netflix constantly. 😉

On to the shoes. You know I’m a HUGE fan of cute flats and I’m all about reviewing the “hottest” brands in shoes currently on the market to give you the [honest] lowdown on whether they’re worth it or not. I’ve reviewed Tieks (review here), Rothy’s (review here), and still love my favorite flats under $100.

Obviously, I adore flats. I’ve been eyeing the M. Gemi shoes for a few years now because I love the idea of Italian craftsmanship and quality at a fraction of the price. They’re still not cheap at $228 a pair, so I held off for a while. Finally, when I saw these green beauties I, with a $50 coupon, purchased them and waited with bated breath until they arrived.

…No really. I stalked the UPS guy every day hoping he was bringing me shoes. What? Does everyone not do that? Just me? Ok then. I’ll be the weird lady. 😉

First Impressions: Well, I wrote a sonnet about how my heart soared when I opened the package. Ok, kidding, I’m not THAT weird. Internet, they were STUNNING. This color of green is bright and I love it. Black and beige are for blending in. Green is for proclaiming the awesomeness of shoe emeralds on your feet.

Quality was as promised, and breathtaking. You can tell these are handmade and not in a “sweatshop in a third world country” kind of way. These are BEAUTIFUL. There is artistry to them. The materials are top notch and the design is perfection. Are they the most comfortable and cushy flat on the market? No, but last I checked that’s what orthopedic shoes are for. Are they the most beautiful/highest quality of anything in my closet? Yes. (And I have a lot of designer shoes to compare them to.) They are still incredibly comfortable, but they’re (obviously) not an orthopedic flat. These are 100% a LUXURY shoe. Don’t let the price fool you, they’re magnificent and worth ever dollar.

Drawbacks: Out of the box, the rubbed the outside of my left foot- but after I wore them for 10 minutes,  they stretched out perfectly. The only other con is the price. But if you think anything over $100 for shoes is steep, these are not for you. These shoes, although priced higher, have the same craftsmanship of shoes upwards of $1,000. They are very reasonably priced for the materials used and the design behind them. Additionally, they pay their cobblers real wages, and handmaking shoes one at a time is neither cheap nor quick. So this is a steal for what you get. A literal steal.

I wholeheartedly love this brand, what they stand for, and the quality they produce. They ARE a luxury brand, they just cut out all the foofiness and charge a fair price. In this day and age, I certainly appreciate it. If you’re looking for one well-made pair of shoes, these are it.

Purchase them here

BONUS!! M. Gemi was kind enough to give you a code to get $50 off your first pair! Enter “ADRIELE50″ at checkout!

Disclaimer: I paid for these shoes myself and was not compensated in any way to write this post. All opinions are my own. 

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