We all know I love everything British, and Boden has been a favorite brand of mine for YEARS. I equate it to a British J. Crew. Their prints are the cutest EVER and they make a mighty fine wrap dress. (And all dresses, really.) Since everything is 20% off (whoohoo!!!) I thought I would share their swimsuits/patterns that I love.

One of the reasons I love them so much is that they cover a lot AND come in a ton of prints. Each one of these styles comes in a basic black or navy if- bright color isn’t your thing. I’ve had their suits for years and they’ve held up really well!

Red/Navy One Piece | Lemon Suit | Navy Polka Dot | Floral Suit |

Ok, I lied. I also rounded up some of their other items I love. I couldn’t help myself- they’re on sale!!

Cream and Dots | Blue Polka Dot | Stripes | Blue Multicolored | Shirt Dress

If you haven’t had the chance to look through their website, do it! I love their sale section and the kiddo clothes too. Boden has been my go-to for great patterns and acceptable lengths when I feel like everything I find in town feels a bit drab. Also, their wrap dresses are incredibly flattering and hold up well. (There’s on in my closet I’ve had – and still wear- for over 8 years.) Do yourself a favor and peruse the site. OH, don’t even get me started on their shoes… #swoon.

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