April showers bring May flowers. That’s wonderful and I can appreciate flowers, BUT the whole “month of rain” wreaks havoc on my life if I’m not prepared. Here are a few of my favorite rain accessories and general tips to help get you through the rainy season.

Wellies (or rain boots) are a MUST. You can get them anywhere (literally- they have them at the hardware store), but I prefer these specific Hunter boots because they’re flexible and much less clunky than a normal rain boot. Trust me, it matters.

Wear a Dress. I don’t know about you, but if my pants get wet, I’m super cranky. Nothing quite ruins your day like having wet pants suctioned to your legs. Ugh. My solution is to wear high wellies with a dress so that if my legs get wet I can hop into the nearest bathroom and dry them off before putting on the shoes I brought in my bag.

A waterproof bag like this. It’s kept my DSLR bone dry amidst running through a full downpour. I have tested it (not on purpose) on many occasions and it’s LEGIT. If this bag isn’t in your price range, invest in a waterproof “dry” bag. You can get them at any outdoor retailer (Dick’s, REI, Cabela’s, etc.) and they are usually under $20. You can shove your entire handbag in there if need be. Because sometimes you need your stuff dry instead of looking cute. A cute but ruined handbag is no longer a cute handbag. Protect your stuff friends.

I love my long trench coat. You should be covered to your knees otherwise your legs will get SOAKED. Also, make sure it’s water resistant. If not, you can spray it with some Scotch Guard. It won’t be waterproof, but it will be more water resistant. A hood isn’t necessary, but it is helpful!  Umbrellas are great if you’re going a short distance, but if you’re walking more than just across a parking lot, make sure you get a hood on your raincoat.

I mentioned wearing a dress, but I LOVE dresses made out of stretchy synthetic fabrics because they dry quite quickly. This dress is from Jude Connolly (I discovered her at Market and the dresses are HIGH quality), but you can find similar items at any price point. An added bonus is that these fabrics DON’T WRINKLE. (Look for 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.) They’re basically amazing.


Hair and makeup will take a hit in severe humidity, but hairspray and this humidity shield will at least help with the crazy frizz. Granted, it won’t completely help if you’re standing in the rain, but I have noticed a difference when I use it. Also, if all else fails, put your hair in a low bun and spray the heck out of it with hairspray. This is my go-to hairstyle if I know I need to look presentable because my hair will frizz out and go flat if I leave it down.

Photos: Jacque, Inc. 

Hopefully, these tips help keep you looking great despite the downpour! Happy April!! It’s my birthday month!

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