The weather officially here is bonkers. It was 70 degrees on Thursday but snowed on Friday night, so we woke up to snow everywhere on Saturday. Sigh. This is why you can’t really put your winter clothes away completely until May. Which sounds ridiculous, because it is.

For all of you NOT enjoying snow in April, here is a favorite new spring look. White denim can be worn year round, but I ADORE it for spring. This is one of my favorite pairs of white denim because although it is stretchy- it doesn’t stretch out.

This blouse is adorable and great for so many reasons. I love the length and general style of this piece because you can dress it up or down. Due to the length, it covers the bum which is often a spot of contention because most white denim is a wee bit see through. It’s a product of white material. The length of this shirt solves that problem and because it is sleeveless, it can be worn underneath a blazer or cardigan with ease!

Lastly, can we talk about these shoes?? Seriously swooning over these cuties. They’re a bit tight initially, but I wore them around the house with thick socks and they stretched out just fine! So perfect for spring! If lemons aren’t your thing, you can get them with parrots, flamingos, dogs, cute sayings, or plain if none of that appeals to you! (All options linked here.)

Hopefully, you’re having better luck with this weather than we are!!

We love all of the outfits you link up each week and our favorites from last week are Claire and Amber! Thank you so much for linking up with us!!!! 

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