Every season I try to decide which trends I’m ok with and want to incorporate into my wardrobe and which ones I’m going to avoid. (If you want to see my article I wrote for a local magazine about spring style trends, check it out here.) I’m more about choosing timeless silhouettes with on-trend details instead of running head-on into the fashion world’s idea of “trendy.” 

This dress is a perfect example of what I love: a well-tailored belt dress with a few nods to current trends. Gingham has been on a fierce comeback over the past 10 years and I am still totally in love with this pattern. A newer trend resurfacing in the design world is this scarf skirt. I had one of these when I went on my high school trip to D.C. 18 years ago. (Yes, I’m that old.) I remember getting rid of the skirt after college because it was no longer in style. HA! What’s old is new again! 

photos: Jacque, Inc.

This entire look makes me happy because it’s a basic dress that fits to perfection and a style nod with the pattern and hem. It’s perfectly ladylike and feminine- which are two qualities I adore in a dress. The dress is currently on sale and then 40% off that price with code BRPEEL40.

I am so excited for this week! We’re working on a few house projects and I cannot WAIT for it to warm up so I can plant some flowers! It’s all very exciting!! 

I am LOVING the looks of Michelle and Ana Luiza this week!!!! So gorgeous. We also really loved the white jeans outfit submissions from Candra and Cheryl! Thanks for linking up, ladies!!

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