Florals have always been a spring staple. Confession: I am NOT a big fan of florals. Give me stripes and geometric prints any day. I always feel like florals look like a couch pattern you see at a grandma’s house. Granted, I know not ALL florals look like that, but I have never been drawn to a full floral look.

I still LIKE florals, so my favorite way to incorporate them into a look is with either as a skirt or a blouse. I tone down the floral pattern with a jacket or cardigan over it. It softens the look and allows me to wear a bit of a floral pattern without feeling like it’s too much.

This shell is a perfect example. It’s sold out online, but you can still get it in some stores. The blazer is the inexpensive staple I’ve had for years and LOVE because it’s comfortable and I can shove the sleeves up without damaging it. 

My jeans are a rotating staple in my closet and are currently on sale! I love these earrings and they’re under $15! These shoes were on sale a few months ago from Ann Taylor but they sold out, but these are quite similar and they come in a ridiculous amount of colors.

Last week we showcased spring trends and our two favorites that joined our link up were Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge and Karen from Lady in Violet! Both looked fabulous!! 

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