This week has been quite productive in my house and I credit that to the weather being much more pleasant recently. I planted flowers in our front flower beds (actual flowers- I’ve never planted flowers before!), I put plants in our flower box (finally), and we installed string lights on the back deck! I have always wanted bistro lighting and our new back deck was perfectly set up for them. I don’t know why a box of lights makes me so happy, but it does! We found some waterproof lights on Amazon that are specifically made to be outside and withstand the elements. I love them!!!

Look what arrived this week! I love flipping through this beautiful cookbook and cannot wait to try all of these recipes. I’ll keep you updated on which recipes I try and how they go. If you have some you’ve already tried- I’d love to hear what you think!

Our daybed swing has been my favorite thing since the weather has improved and we can actually sit outside. I found a similar one for under $300 in case you decide you need one (you do!) in your house. It’s super deep so I can scoot all the way back and when Alexander is on it with me I feel comfortable with him on it because he can sit so far back. Normal porch swings scare me because I have visions of him toppling off head first. (Do any other moms see danger everywhere they look?)

I may have mentioned this before- but our family loves this insanely easy crock pot meal. I made it again this week and they gobbled it up!

This blouse is super cute and under $25!

Tomorrow we’re going on a family trip to a friend’s dairy farm, so prepare for some hilarious pictures of us with cows! Have fun weekend friends!!



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