Today we got the opportunity to run out to my friend Kerry’s dairy farm with Ian, Alexander, and my nephew Eli. I’ve been noticing that we spend a LOT of time at the petting farm in our zoo, so thought Alexander would like the change to go to a real farm and see some cows up close that he could actually pet!

He loved it. (Understatement of the century.) 

Let me note that Ian had never really been super close to a cow before so this was for his benefit as much as it was Alexander’s, HA!) We got to see where they milk the cows and Kerry explained the process (every morning at 4am they get milked and again in the morning) and see how a dairy farm operates. I was thrilled that we were able to pet a baby calf and as you can see, I LOVED it.

Keriel dairy is located in Whitewater, KS, only 25 min away, so it was a great quick trip on a Saturday morning. Kerry actually hosts a huge barn sale with live music and vendors in her HUGE barn hay loft. (This has to be the prettiest hay loft in existence.)

The next barn sale is October 13th and we’re planning on going if you want to join us! It was SUCH a great time- Eli and Alexander were talking nonstop on the way home about all the fun things they did. I’ll remind you once it’s closer to October, but if you want to follow the dairy on Facebook, you can hereIt was so lovely to get out of the city and spend a little time with the kiddos running around outside. I hope your Saturday was enjoyable as well!!

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