I love a good DIY, but typically “good” meant “super easy” in my world. I made the easiest centerpiece ever with items from Target inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I thought I would share it for those of you who share my love of pretty things, but want a DIY to be non-complicated and quick.

Step One: Gather a platter, candles of differing sizes, and some fake boxwood branches. (I used 7 candles and 2 boxwood stems.)Step Two: Arrange candles on the platter.

Step Three: Using wire cutters, snip the individual branches off the boxwood stem.

Step Four: Arrange the individual branches staggered around the candles, tucking the ends underneath.

Step Five: Step back and admire the DIY that took under 10 minutes. 😉

Side note: these enameled platters are fantastic. They can be used on your counter to collect your makeup, on your coffee table to hold knick-nacks, as a drink tray, etc… the list goes on and on. They also come in 6 colors. Did I mention they’re under $20?

Although everything I used came from Target (as do most decor items in my house), you can get items like this anywhere. The greenery does look a little fake, so if you wanted to use real boxwood branches or a higher quality faux version, those would look even better.

I wanted a simple way to add a bit of greenery and interest to our table and this worked out perfectly. I personally don’t like high centerpieces on our dining room table because I’m always moving them so I can see the people across from me, and so I love this option. I could also place it on a coffee table, sitting in an entry table or in the middle of a kitchen island.

I told Ian I liked my DIY projects like I like my toddler’s baths- uncomplicated and quick. 😉

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