Mother’s Day is such a fun holiday! I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a little girl and truthfully at that age, I just thought being a mom meant I would get to boss everyone around. Hello, YES. That was right in my wheelhouse.

Now that I get to “mom” 24/7 I’ve found that there is still a fair amount of telling people what to do (still my speciality), but also a great deal of letting my little one teach me. Who knew a toddler would teach you things, ha! I’m currently learning about patience and giving grace. Both of which I could use a bit more of, if I’m being honest.

This dress was purchased to wear at my friend Meeghan’s wedding, but I love how versatile it is and toddler friendly. (Read: long enough to cover my backside comfortably if I bend over and a high enough neckline to do the same.)

I’m a sucker for some pleats in a skirt, so this tulip hem combined with a laser cut pleated design was a match made in heaven. To keep it simple, I paired the dress with my favorite pair of simple Jack Rogers sandals. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing these a LOT this summer. I added some red accents (my favorite kind) and was ready to go. The earrings are super light and I love that they don’t make my ears feel weighed down. This cute clutch (under $60) felt like the perfect compliment to this dress. Although I do have red shoes (heels and flats because I’m a crazy lady) I didn’t use this pop of color on my feet because red earrings + handbag AND shoes felt a bit much.

If I wanted to wear a bright color on my shoes too, I would pick a multicolored earring. Then I would match one color from the earrings with the shoes and a different color with the handbag. That way you can be bright without looking like the Queen of England. I love that woman, but her matchy matchy matchy matchy look she’s rocked for the better part of a century only works for Her Majesty. 

Can we talk about our favorites from last week??? Love both of these look and these ladies look fabulous! Suzanne from Crazy Blonde Life and Joi from In My Joi brought some amazing style to the link-up and we appreciate you joining us, ladies! 

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