It’s my favorite post of the week! I love sharing what we’ve been up to and the things I’ve been loving recently. It’s been a great week with awesome weather and I can’t believe that next week begins Alexander’s summer! His last day of school is Tuesday and I am so ready to get all summer to actually hang out without having to go anywhere.

It’s been a week of staying up a bit later and playing with neighbors, and these bug repellant wipes are GREAT. There’s been an uptake of bites and diseases carried by mosquitos and ticks nationwide, so I was super excited to find these wipes instead of the typical spray. I also throw an individually packaged wipe in my purse so I have bug spray in wipe form wherever I go. If you have sensitive skin- these wipes are a great go-to instead. They’re just for mosquitos, so if we’re in a wooded area I use the other ones.

You know I’m ALL ABOUT my Revel Nail Dip kit (still obsessed), but getting them off is a bit of a debacle. These clip on nail things are AWESOME at holding an acetone soaked cotton ball on your nail without messing with the foil wrap. I remove them every 10 min and scrape more of the gel off, and re-apply a new cotton ball. It still takes time because it’s acrylic, but this method helps a ton!!

These jean shorts are, in fact, my new favorites. You can leave them unrolled for a 5″ inseam or roll them once for a 4″. I love that they run big, so I ordered my normal size and they’re super comfortable and a bit baggy. If you want them to look like they do in the pictures on the model- size down one size. They’re under $40 and I love them!

This white top I’m wearing above is on super sale for $20!!! Get it before it’s gone!

I know I’ve mentioned this in my IG stories, but I was introduced to this foam SPF 50 sunscreen and I’m HOOKED. Y’all, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing sunscreen!!! I use it on my arms and Alexander’s face. I use the regular lotion on his body because the foam isn’t cheap, but TOTALLY worth it when I don’t want to feel sticky or oily. This puts even the “dry touch” stuff to shame. It’s legit.

Now if you need me this weekend I will apparently be getting pampered but my guys. I’m so excited!! I love Mother’s Day!!!


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