Although I obviously don’t work a typical 9-5 job any longer, I still require my wardrobe to still afford me the ability to dress professionally for meetings. I severely dislike suits (I always have, even when I wore them constantly for work), so nice dresses have always been a staple for me.

I have less time to iron/pick up dry cleaning so I’ve opted to fill my wardrobe with wrinkle-free dresses that I can throw in the washer and either hang dry or throw in the dryer on low. These tend to be a bit pricier, but when I need to look professional, I need something that will look good regardless of it’s pulled out of a suitcase or a pile on the closet floor (real life).

This dress was purchased at Market when I went to Atlanta (I bought a LOT down there- #SampleSales), but I loved discovering new brands. Jude Connally is a brand that makes printed dresses that are as easy to wear as they are to care for. I look for super stretchy, synthetic fabrics that are machine washable. (If you’re unsure- check the care label inside the dress.)

Regarding fit, I go for a shift dress or fit and flare because those are the best for my shape. You could do any fit except bodycon. Avoid super tight dresses regardless of length for work attire. Well tailored isn’t a bad thing, but if the dress is tighter- ALWAYS go for a longer length. (Think knee length or longer.) If it’s looser, it’s ok to go a bit shorter but always be cognizant of what the skirt looks like when you sit down.  These earrings are super unique and a great option if you want something that is different, but not a heavy statement earring. 

I rounded up the cutest work appropriate machine washable dresses for you below (scroll right):


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