It’s officially summer in our house because this little guy had his last day of preschool on Tuesday! He had the BEST teachers this past semester (we switched schools in Jan) and he loved every minute of it. That brings me to my favorite of the week:

His sweet teachers took all of his artwork/pictures and made me a BOOK!!!!!! I love this so very much! It was amazing to get this final book at the end of the year showing what he did and to see the hilarious things he said. (For example, he said his dad’s name was “Daniel.” LOL!!!! Poor Ian.) Such a great idea and I love that his teachers took pictures of him so that I could have these memories! I can’t WAIT for August so he can start back up again. He loves “school” and I’m so very thankful for that.

It’s funny that I got that book from Alexander’s teachers on Tuesday because I just got around to ordering his first photo book. My kid is 3.5 and I am JUST NOW got around to getting a book made. *sigh* Oh, well. At least I did it. I used Chatbooks and loved the end product. Granted, I could have used Shutterfly or Photobook or Minted, but I like that Chatbooks pulled quite seamlessly from all of my social media- so the book has dates AND captions on it. I went through and edited some of the captions, but it took me under 20 min and now I FINALLY have a book. This is also great if you went on a vacation and just want to make a cute small book with all of your pictures. It’s nothing fancy, but SUPER cool to have printed.

I’m loving some cropped leg jumpers for summer because they’re comfortable and they don’t blow up like a skirt. They’re also super light so I don’t get hot. Target has some cute options and I just ordered this one, this one, and this one. All are under $30 and they’re super cute and perfect for summer.

Since it’s hot outside I have officially started my lime + Coke drink obsession. If you haven’t tried it, it’s delicious and refreshing. I adore this Coke/limeade hybrid and make sure I always have both on hand.

I was cracking up when I saw this Star Wars recipe book complete with lightsaber popsicle molds. I’m totally going to need this for summer.

Tonight I’m heading over to a girlfriend’s house for a girls night. It will be so nice to see everyone because the school year just takes over our lives and we never see each other!

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