The denim jacket. The single most important transitional item in my wardrobe. Want to make an outfit more casual? Denim jacket. Hate how cold you get when the A/C is blasting? Denim jacket. Need an added layer of interest on a look? Denim jacket.

I can go on and on like this, but suffice it to say, you need a denim jacket. Just trust me on this. In the summer months, I just keep one in my car so I can run out and grab it when I’m cold inside somewhere (which is almost every day, if I’m being honest).

On this particular day, I paired the denim with this striped midi dress, these awesome statement earrings, and my favorite wedges! 

Here is the same jacket over a jumpsuit! If you want to see how I styled it last summer check out this post. Or this one! Versatility is KEY! It also helps that my favorite denim jacket is under $60. I’m talking about my absolute favorite option. Here is an option under $40, and here is a higher end option under $120. The best thing is that you can find the fit and the wash that you prefer.

These shoes are from two seasons ago and I love how well they’ve held up! Here is the closest thing they make to my version now, and I love the new design! You can see all the items from the post here: (the dress is not the exact one I have on, but close!)

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