Dress | Shoes | Bag | Earrings | Luggage ($20 off)

It’s a traveling weekend for so many people, so I’m sharing my go-to look and accessories for travel!

This t-shirt dress is so comfortable and cute, it makes the perfect versatile travel outfit. I could wear this while traveling (I add a shawl cardigan if I’m on a plane), and transitions easily to dinner, a museum, or general sightseeing. I like that it’s comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and looks cute.

Dress | Shoes | Bag | Earrings | Luggage ($20 off)

Shoes are the most important choice you make when it comes to travel gear. I have had way too many trips where my shoes didn’t cut it after walking all day. These adorable sneakers are stylish and super comfortable. If flowers aren’t your favorite, they also have a lot of solid colored options. I’ve walked hours in them and I love these shoes! I always keep a pair of my Rothy’s flats in my bag just in case I need to swap them out for something a bit nicer (or if I get wet).

The handbag is my favorite- this is a line I discovered at Market in Atlanta and it’s under $70 and super cute!! I usually don’t travel with expensive purses just in case something happens to it. This is a great option that holds a lot but won’t break the bank. The luggage is a bit of an investment, BUT this is the BEST luggage I’ve ever found. It’s designed well, spacious, incredibly light, AND has a built-in charging port for all of your electronics!!! I loved that I didn’t have to find a charging station in the airport if my battery was running low- I just sat down and plugged it into my luggage! Brilliant. I have a coupon for you to get $20 off here

(photos: Jacque, Inc.)

The earrings are on sale!!! They’re so lightweight and I always get compliments on them when I wear them.

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