Carlton Landing House

One of the first things I purchased for the new home while we were building was a porch swing. I loved spending time on the swing last summer at Carlton Landing and my blogging friend Rachel has one of the cutest porches ever, so having a swing was high on my wish list.

When we finally put the swing together and brought it out to the front porch, it was such a snug fit that we ended up putting it under our back deck. I absolutely adore having the swing down there and so glad that we added it, but our front porch was still sitting bare, waiting for some sort of furniture. Ian and I talked about it and although chairs seemed like an easier option, he knew I really wanted a swing. After watching HGTV’s Hometown with their amazing southern front porches, Ian decided to build me one.

We purchased the cushions first, so he could build around them to fit perfectly. This was actually an idea we borrowed from Erin on Hometown- standard “deep” cushions are easier to find, replace, and bring inside at night instead of a traditional porch swing cushion. With the cushions procured, Ian got to work building the swing. We talked and I sketched out my general design ideas while he figured out the measurements and materials list. Then, over Memorial Day weekend, he built the swing. It took him one full day (with parenting while Alexander was awake) to build the swing, and then we hung it the next weekend after I painted it.

I wanted to create a bit more of a cohesive design feel on the porch so we added a (fake) topiary that I made out of an existing topiary I had from home decor at the last house, a 50lb bag a Quickcrete, and a planter from Lowes. The wind here is so intense, I wanted to make sure if I put something on the porch- it would stay put! (A 50 lb bag of cement will do the trick, in case you’re wondering.) 😉

The final piece was this beautiful wreath by Two Inspire You. I actually found Tonya and her Etsy shop via a Pinterest pin I had stumbled upon when looking for decor. Her designs were beautiful and unique and I honestly had never seen anything like them. I reached out to her and she kindly gifted me this wreath, but I had planned on purchasing it regardless because I had fallen in love with these cheery lemons. Every time I come home and see it, I smile because it’s like a little ray of sunshine on my front door.

If lemons aren’t quite your thing, here are a few other of my favorites that I’m sure will end up in my Etsy cart at some point in the near future.




I’ve been quite impressed with not only how beautiful the wreath is, but how well it has stood up to Kansas wind! It looks wonderful and I couldn’t be more pleased to have it on my front porch.

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