Alright, I have found the holy grail of inexpensive workout leggings. And they’re under $20. Also, they come in THIRTY-FIVE colors. If that wasn’t enough, they have “tummy control” to hold all of my mom business in. If that wasn’t enough, they also come in several other lengths if you prefer something other than normal ankle length. (I got a medium if that helps with sizing.) Sizes XS-2XL.

Sky Organics (I loooove their bath bombs) sent me a tub of Mango Butter and I’m in love. I love their stuff regardless (100% pure, organic, natural, no additives, and chemical free), but I put it on my hands and feet at night and wake up to baby soft skin. I’ve even started using it on my knees and elbows. It also can help with sunburns if you forgot your sunscreen.

Speaking of sunscreen, this is the best for day to day without feeling sticky. This is the best for the pool/beach.

I found this writing toy for Alexander as a “keep him quiet in church” option and he LOVES it. My niece Chloe also loves it, as do her older brothers, so fun for all ages!!

Do you get headaches? YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

Tonight is Alexander’s last ISR swim lesson with Miss Emily. When I told him he was almost done, he cried. He just loves her so much and it warms my heart. I’ll write a post about the entire experience this weekend.

I hope you have a lovely and fun weekend, friends!!!

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