I’ve had so many people ask for more details about Alexander’s ISR swimming lessons. Since he successfully completed them last week, I thought I would share our experience with you.

Before this all began, Alexander didn’t hate the water, but he wouldn’t put his face in it despite our best efforts. He also wasn’t the kid that would jump in or take any risks where water was concerned, so we didn’t know how these lessons would go.

The first day of lessons, his instructor Miss Emily asked him if he was ready to swim and through tears, he said, “No thank you!!!!’ Haha, so needless to say, he was NOT excited about the prospect of this new swimming endeavor. Luckily, Emily wasn’t deterred by his lack of enthusiasm and by the end of the 10 minutes he was doing better.

ISR consists of 10-minute lessons every night Monday-Friday for three weeks (or however long it takes for your kiddo to swim). The end goal is the child being able to jump in the water with their clothes on and turn to float onto their backs, rest, and breathe. Children from 6 – 12 months old are taught to hold this position until help arrives. Kids 1 – 6 years old are taught to switch from the float to a swim position and back in order to swim to the steps or the edge of the pool to safety.

Day One:

Last Day:

We’re going to continue his lessons as maintenance once a week to help him grow as a swimmer. If you want more information about ISR you can find it here. If you live in Wichita and want to use Emily, here is her contact info:

Emily Mcvay

Phone: 316-519-2358
Email: e.mcvay@infantswim.com

I highly encourage you to put your little ones in survival swimming lessons! We LOVED the ISR experience and Alexander is constantly asking to swim now. Ian and I both feel like it is the best thing we could have done and are so pleased with the results. (Alexander also looooooves Miss Emily and asks when he gets to go see her every day.) 

The bouquet he picked out for her on his last day.

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