We have been spending a LOT of time at the pool these days, and I’ve really found some amazing favorites to share with you.

The best pool bag ever. It holds 6 HUGE towels, doesn’t collapse on itself so you can find things easily, and is SUPER light. (It also comes in thirty patterns.) They have other variations of them as well if you want exterior pockets, etc.

This swimsuit is inexpensive (under $25) and provides great tummy control while still being able to breathe. If you don’t care about breathing and just want to look slim try this one instead. It works well, but not exactly high on the comfort spectrum. (It’s not bad, but I found it snug- which is the entire point.)

This pool towel is luxurious, HUGE, and pretty.

If you want some extra sun protection while still looking chic, I LOVE this hat for the pool.

As a long time fan of durable flip-flops, I wear these every time we go swimming. If flip-flops aren’t your thing, these are super on-trend and come in so many colors!!

Cute sunglasses at a great price. Love, love, love.

Oh, if you need a hair tie that will keep your hair up (even when wet) grab some of these.

Lastly, today is Ian’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!! He’s the favorite of my favorites. 🙂 Although he LITERALLY woke up early to go to the DMV because he’s ridiculous. Who else CHOOSES to go to the DMV on their birthday??? Smh. Love that guy. 😉

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