Let’s be real, half of the time I see a review of a beauty procedure I raise my eyebrow and wonder if the review is real or if the person is being paid to give the review. Because of that, I thought I would put my money where my mouth is and try a few things out and report back.

First up: Micro-Needling (DermaPen)

There wasn’t any prep I needed to do before my appointment other than stopping my Retin-A 4 days prior. I arrived at the spa with a clean, makeup-free face.

My aesthetician, Abby, cleansed my face and applied a numbing cream. After she applied the cream, she placed some plastic sheets on my face to make sure the cream absorbed into my skin. I laid there for 30 min to make sure my face was fully numb. (attractive, right? LOL!)

After the 30 min was up, Abby came in and began using the DermaPen on small sections of my face. Despite it looking scary, it DID NOT HURT. I repeat- it wasn’t painful. The only part I felt a bit of discomfort with was around my eyes, but that lasted like 10 seconds.

Let me be the first to tell you that I’ve had every Anesthesiologist tell me that 1. Redheads bleed more than other patients during medical procedures, and 2. That pain meds don’t work as well on redheads and that we seem to feel more pain. I don’t know about THAT (except I did need more meds during labor than normal people), but I know that my pain tolerance isn’t great. So if I say it didn’t hurt- it legitimately didn’t hurt. 

I say that because it LOOKS like it would hurt. It didn’t. Nor did it hurt after the fact! My results are quite typical as far as redness goes.

Post Procedure
The spa was kind enough to give me some samples of this recovery gel to wear over the next few days and flat out told me to avoid the sun for at least a week. The gel was so awesome I bought more after my samples were used up and I use it nightly now! I made sure to wear sunscreen daily even for when I was riding in the car or near windows. (If you spend the money to fix your skin, why wouldn’t you protect it after??)

This is immediately following the procedure:This is an hour later. You can see the redness is already going down.Two days later:

Four days later (look how smooth my skin is!!!!):A week after the procedure:

You’re supposed to avoid all products that could clog your skin for the next 24 hours, but after that time frame has passed you can wear mineral makeup. After a week you can resume all normal skincare products.

What is the point of micro-needling and why did you do it?
Basically, what this procedure does is create small injury to your skin on a deeper cellular level and your body rushes to heal it. It helps generate collagen which in turn reduces pore size, minimizes discoloration and redness, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, increases skin firmness, diminishes scarring, and smoothes out skin. (Whew! That’s a long list.)

The recommended treatment is 3-4 sessions and these can cost anywhere from $100-$700 a treatment depending on how large an area you want to be treated. I did my entire face and it was $350. It’s obviously not cheap, but WOW, I noticed a difference. Even after one treatment. I obviously spent my own money and can confidently say that if you are looking for a way to improve the texture and look of your skin- this is it. I’ve been iffy about treatments and feel like facials are ok, but if a facial is $150 and lasts a week or so (for me), I’d rather spend twice that and get a skin overhaul.

Let me also note that there wasn’t any skin sensitivity after the fact. It didn’t hurt to touch, it didn’t scab over, and once I had makeup on you couldn’t even tell I had anything done. Here’s me the day after with mineral makeup on:

A word of caution- make sure you get this done at a med-spa. You want to go somewhere where there is a board-certified doctor on staff and sanitary standards are high. (I went to Abby at Beauty Dot here in Wichita.) Also, I just saw on Instagram that Beauty Dot is offering 20% off of all services in August (massages, facials, microblading, lash lifts, etc!!) so if you were thinking about trying something now is the time!

For more info about Micro-Needling click here.

Disclaimer: There is none. I paid for all services and was offered zero incentive to write this post. All opinions are my own. 😉 

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