Happy Friday!! I love the weekend and tonight we’re going to have game night with Ian’s little brother and his girlfriend. I am PUMPED! Have a told you guys that I love board games? Like, LOVE them. I am so excited!!! So if you need me tonight, I’ll be keeping the Taboo buzzer away from Alexander. He’s obsessed with buzzing us. (When he’s not supposed to, lol.)

I often get asked for a less expensive version of my favorite blush of all time. I found this one for half the price and this one from the drugstore. All three have the same reddish-pink undertones and look fantastic on fair skin.

Alexander LOVES this scooter and we now take evening “adventures” as a family. He scoots ahead of us and we can get in a long walk with the dogs while he zooms around. It’s stable and sturdy. Pretty soon we’ll have to get the bigger “XL” version, but we still love the original!

I got a new lipstick that I’m really loving so I went back to the store to get this additional shade. They’re basically a step up from a tinted lip balm- they hydrate and give more color. Not a LOT of color, but enough that I feel like I’m look put together.

It’s no secret that I can’t keep houseplants alive, but this is the cheapest and CUTEST Fiddle Leaf Fig I’ve ever seen.

I’m building my fall “capsule” wardrobe (more about that soon) and these jeans are still my favorite. These will be at the heart of my capsule collection and I highly suggest you get them. If they’re a bit pricey for your budget, get these instead. They’re not as great, but you’ll need a good pair.

More coming with the capsule collection, so stay tuned!

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