Let’s talk about the basics. Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of shoes you can depend on.

First up, the basic t-shirt. My favorite in my closet is this one. I like it because it’s slim but not tight. Comfortable but still polished. (Here’s an option for $10- but I would size up for fit.) Now that slouchy tees are in style, you could also grab a men’s v-neck pack from Hanes. Seriously. Wash them twice with a lot of fabric softener and they’re amazingly soft. 

Jeans are up next on the basics list. Full disclosure- I am a high waisted fan because they fit my post-baby body (where it’s AT not where I’d like it to be) and they don’t slide down throughout the day. As denim has become less rigid with the injection of stretch materials like elastane they have begun to sag or wiggle down as the day progresses. I look for a good balance of cotton to elastane (spandex, Lycra, etc.) paired with a high waist. After that- pick your style. Some prefer skinny. The ones I’m wearing are a step-hem version of a bootcut.

If you want to create your own DIY frayed hem denim-
check out this Style In Seconds video I did with Lee.

Lastly, shoes. So, we all know I looooove my Rothy’s. (It is WELL documented on this blog and my Instagram.) A year after I got my first pair- I’m still just in love with them as I was on day one. Why? Because they still look brand new! They come out of the washing machine looking as beautiful as they did on the day they arrived from San Fransisco.

If Rothy’s just aren’t your thing there are two other shoe options I love. For super comfort- check out Birdies. They’re a house slipper made to go out in the world! So insanely comfortable. If you’re looking for chic and timeless, my go-to is M. Gemi. The luxury Italian shoemaker makes some AMAZING shoes and I love mine!

That all being said- I still stand by my favorite flats of all time that are comfortable, cute, and hold up well.

My bag is on sale for under $30 if you feel like adding a bit of marigold to your life!

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

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