As the weather is (slowly) starting to cool off in the evenings, I am reminded that fall is coming. Not that I wasn’t aware of it- because we all know I have a countdown in my head to when I can wear sweaters, boots, hoodies, beanies, jackets, etc, and so on.

Even though the weather is reluctant to change, retailers are NOT, and thus all of the fall things are out now in every store. In lieu of their pushy marketing, I thought I would bring you a few denim styles that are different than the skinny jeans that have dominated for almost a decade. Let me be clear- you don’t HAVE to get rid of your skinny jeans- I’m just providing options if you want a new style OR have been desperately waiting for skinny jeans to stop “being a thing.” 😉

Click through my picks and read below why I love them.

The easiest transition from skinny jeans is the straight leg jean. Slim through the thigh and straight down from the knee, this jean is polished and looks best at the ankle or even at a higher cropped length. They also lend themselves extremely well for a DIY raw hem. See my video here for instructions. They can be worn with flats or heels, just make sure there is a fair amount of ankle showing. This same rule applies to boyfriend/girlfriend jeans. If the hem is too long it can make you look shorter and wider than you are. (My favorite pair for $25)

Next up is the kick flare jean. This jean flares out past the knee and is cropped high. They can also be called a “cropped flare,” but both sport the same bell of fabric from the knee to the hem.

Bootcut is back. (I can hear the cheers.) As a stylist, I put all of my clients into a dark, uniform wash jean and these are universally flattering. Avoid patches of super light wash on the thighs and bottom because they “date” themselves super quickly. Also, no white stitching. Just say no. Dark blue or gold stitching ONLY. Unless you are going to a rodeo, going line dancing, or a wedding invitation says “western chic” do NOT, for the love of everything, get white stitching on your bum. No, no, no, no.

Wide leg jeans are back as are the flare or “bell bottom” jeans if you want the throwback term. The caution I give with these jeans is this: dress intentionally. Even though they have been around forever, they can look sloppy faster than a straight leg, skinny, or bootcut. If the bottom is flowy, the top should be more tailored. This can mean a shirt tucked (even a half tuck will suffice), belted, or topped with a blazer or jacket. Wide leg pants combined with a slouchy sweater will make anyone under 5’10 look like a sack of potatoes. It’s not a good look. Opt for a bit more polish than you would otherwise to avoid the frumpy look.

If you’re wanting to look suuuuper chic and on-trend, go to the thrift store and buy the ugliest jeans you can find from the 80’s and you’ll fit in perfectly in any metropolis around the world. I laugh, but I’m dead serious. Maybe I should do a post about the fashion trends I DON’T like.

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