For me, Maxi dresses used to be my casual lazy outfit. They were comfortable, long (so I didn’t have to worry about shaving my legs), and the flowy nature of the dress kept me cool. Recently they’ve made me feel a bit sloppy, so if I’m wearing a long dress, I want it to be an elegant one. Take this dress from Banana Republic- super cute, long, chic, and not really casual. 

I just wanted to see if I could step up my game and I feel like jumpsuits have replaced maxi dresses in my closet. I own TWO maxi dresses at this point and 5 jumpsuits. I feel more polished in jumpsuits and honestly, they’re a bit more wind friendly than the dresses.

I love this floral maxi dress because it’s on sale (whoohoo!) and the floral print will transition nicely into fall with a blazer over it or perhaps a cardigan. 

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