Good lashes are hard to come by- especially if yours (like mine) are so light they might as well be clear. Have no fear! I have a quick and painless solution for you: the eyelash lift.


So here is the process- my lashes are literally permed into a curl and it looks like this: I sit with this on for 7 min, and they clean my lashes and then they tinted them so I don’t have to wear mascara if I don’t want to! Here’s the final results:

Lash lifts are a perfect option for women that don’t want to mess with curling their lashes daily and these last until the lashes shed. Some people get this done every month, but you can always go longer. Also, I had my lashes tinted black so I don’t have to wear mascara now unless I want to!!

This has sped up my mornings significantly and I love it. I also had my brows waxed while I was already laying down relaxing. I came out of the spa feeling and looking great!

I went to BeautyDot and it was wonderful. Cissi is the Empress of Brows (my name for her- she’s THAT good), and Abby did my lashes. They look amazing!!! I can’t get over how much bigger my eyes look and how natural my makeup can look without mascara- because I no longer need it!

If you were going to try ONE beauty procedure, try this! A lady in the lobby saw my lashes and scheduled a lash lift + tint on the spot because she loved my results so much!

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