I love jeans. A LOT. As denim is constantly evolving, I’m constantly trying new pairs of jeans to give recommendations. Right now my holy grain jean is this one from Madewell, but I always get asked for cute pairs under $100. I’ve found several great options under $100 even this cute pair that’s under $30!

If you don’t like this particular style, Old Navy has an entire line of new jeans that I think are far superior to anything close to that price point. I’ll keep my eyes out and continue to look for denim under $100 that I love and always update you when I find new deals!

As a stylist (and as a fan of capsule wardrobes) I would suggest getting one good pair of jeans over several mid/lower level pairs, but I understand that’s not always an option for everyone. I think paying less than $30 for a pair of new and stylish jeans that fit well is always a good idea.

I paired the jeans with this beautiful blouse (on sale) and my typical red Rothy’s. (I’m still in love with my Rothy’s, btw!) Shop my look here: 

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