Alexander turned four over the weekend and we threw him a dinosaur themed birthday party! My child is obsessed with anything dino-related and our lives revolve around them these days. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the PBS show Dinosaur Train, but it’s great, educational, and doesn’t annoy me to death. (Watch some kid’s shows- trust me. Some are horrible. I’m looking at you, Caillou.)

We used these invitations as a base for the design, but truthfully I just wanted something easy. Pinterest is insanely helpful when planning kiddo parties and I found some cute DIY decorating ideas! (Here, here, here, and here.) I ordered cupcake toppers and a birthday banner from Amazon to make my life easier, and then created a streamer backdrop the night before the party. Taped a few construction paper dino tracks on the floor and I was done! Ian tracked down these super cute dino slime party favors as a gift for party goers.

I’m a massive fan of jumpy castles for kiddo entertainment, so we rented one for the morning for the kids to burn off all of that sugar we gave them! Alexander had a great birthday and I had zero stress. Win, win. Happy birthday to our sweet little guy!

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