Tonight I’ll be at the Cricket Alley Ministries booth at Holiday Galleria if you want to pop by and say hi! It will benefit the Junior League of Wichita (who help local children) and Cricket Alley (who help local women) at the same time! (And you can get cute stuff!)

This Orchard Harvest candle smells delightful and also happens to be from my favorite candle company ever. I loooooooove Nectar Republic. They’re local BUT you can purchase them online! (My office smells like Orange Blossom 365 days a year because it’s my been my go-to since I discovered it a few years ago.) Also, if you’re going to be down in Waco, TX for Silobration at Magnolia this month, you can purchase the candles there too!

A few months ago I purchased an inexpensive kite for Alexander on a day it was insanely windy. I put it in the garage only to remember it this past Sunday night. We were outside hanging out with our neighbors and their kiddos and the wind was blowing everything around- which reminded me of the forgotten kite! It worked REALLY well and we all had such a great time. Full disclosure- I hate giant squids and this kite, although technically an octopus, still might give me nightmares. I still like the kite, so that’s saying something. 😉 Alexander and the girls all had a great time and I highly recommend trying this with your kiddos.

I’ve been on the hunt for a drugstore long-wear lipstick, and although I’m still in the testing mode, I have two clear winners. The first is this lipstick from Maybelline. I love it, and it comes with a conditioning balm to use throughout the day. The second is this glossy long-wear lip color from L’Oreal that I’ve mentioned before. So great.

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