Full confession, Ian took this photo and we were so worried about getting good light before the storm arrived, neither of us noticed my belt isn’t tied. #facepalm This is what comes of rushing a shoot. Have no fear, Jacque will be back next week resuming photography duties.

All of the photo fails aside, this outfit speaks to me. It says, “come snuggle up next to a fire and drink some tea.” I might add that I was doing that yesterday because it was a lovely and dreary day. This look is comprised of some of my favorite staples: leather leggings, a button up, my Birdies, and this wrap cardigan.

shop the look:

You’ve seen these shoes before and they’re my favorite black flats. I didn’t even purchase black Rothy’s because I wear these all the time and LOVE THEM. They’re Birdies, a flat brand that is made based on an actual slipper design. These suckers are comfortable. I also love that they’re textured- it gives a bit of dimension to the shoe. They come in a multitude of colors and shapes and are very walkable. Highly recommend! 

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